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Clinical Consultation

Are you a psychotherapist offering ecotherapy or nature-based therapy to your clients? Are you interested in developing and integrating this approach into your existing therapeutic offering? Would you like support in growing your somatic, nature-based, and animal assisted resources for your clients growth and your own self care? Do you have questions about navigating integration of nature into your treatment plans, goals and progress notes? We can walk this part of the path together.


We will collaborate ideas, insights, and instincts. I offer insights from years of clinical experience, study and teaching in the field of ecotherapy. I can support your work outdoors as well as bringing connection to the natural world into the office.  Consults can be outdoors surrounded by natural beauty in Santa Cruz, or remotely by video or phone call.


Working in the field of psychotherapy can be surprisingly isolating, and working within the niche of a nature-based approach can feel further isolating in a clinical profession. We all need to be part of a supportive community to thrive, I'd be honored to be part of yours.

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