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Integrative, Whole Body Approach to Mental Health

What, when and how you eat, your exercise and sleep patterns, time in nature, time in community, screen time, posture, breathing patterns, communication habits, how you handle emotions... these all have a profound impact on mood, energy levels, ability to focus, sense of hope and meaning, and happiness. Learn to take good care of yourself!


Each of us is exquisitely unique, requiring our own unique recipe for optimal overall well being. In this whole body approach to psychotherapy, we consider your whole self with thorough assessment: exploring nutrition, exercise, sleep patterns, living and working environments, relationships, spirituality, hobbies, sources of meaning-making and more, we discover where simple changes can be made, and collaborate across disciplines where appropriate.

My role is to help you learn and integrate new skills, release old patterns, support time to process experiences and emotions, and gently guide the path to your more vibrant well-being.

Santa Cruz has a wealth of complementary and alternative practitioners to collaborate with for additional support through referrals:

Natural, Functional and Integrated Medicine, Body and Energy work, Acupuncture and Herbalism, Nutrition, teachers in movement, meditation, spirituality, and an abundance of gorgeous outdoor places to explore!

Healthy Food
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