Somatic Ecotherapy

Ecotherapy applies the principles of ecopsychology and traditional psychotherapy to your lived experience as a vital part of the natural world. Somatic Ecotherapy invites the wisdom of the body, opens the senses and explores your own physical experience as part of the natural world. 

Through the lens of Ecotherapy, we can explore areas of challenge or desired growth, or perhaps habits that not longer serve you, and how connection with the natural world might bring a sense of grounding, peace, inspiration, wholeness and a sense of belonging. We each are an important part of the greater web of life, a system that benefits from your own well-being.

What does a Somatic Ecotherapy session look like with Adriel?
We begin first sessions indoors, transitioning outdoors if you want to, and as appropriate. While indoors, this healing work can be achieved through integrating natural elements, guided visualizations, readings and expressive arts.

Whether you and I are working with a horse, walking in a forest, on the beach, in a garden or simply talking indoors, I consider your relationship to the natural world as an important aspect of the work we do together. We explore the balance of time you spend outdoors, indoors, in front of a screen, behind the steering wheel and beyond. We may explore your connection to places and people, and feelings about the state of world - socially and environmentally.

I am here to listen and provide support with open, direct and warm-hearted communication. With mindfulness, I honor the wholeness and wisdom of our bodies, your connection to the earth, and spirituality as integral elements of mental health and happiness.  We are each a valuable part of the web of life, and together we can support your life’s journey.

What are Eco-Grief and Eco-Anxiety?

Eco-grief and eco-anxiety are becoming more commonly recognized, an inward expression of concern for the larger whole. We can work through this experience together by honoring and exploring your feelings, as well as what helps you to find meaning, and the possibility of discovering empowerment, connection and hope. 

Studies have shown that spending time in nature can have similar benefits to prescription medications for symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD and ADHD.  How might exploring a relationship with the natural world benefit you? 


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