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Note: Groups are offered seasonally, please contact me with interest.
Mindfulness in Nature

Open your senses. Slow down. Experience yourself as part of the natural world. This small group meets outdoors, and offers mindfulness techniques that can help you learn to turn inward to learn about yourself, while opening and increasing your connection to the natural world. This practice develops mindfulness, somatic and sensory awareness, and can easily translate into daily life as a soothing, grounding and connecting practice.  Beginners welcome!

Self Care for Care-Givers

You know how to care deeply for the health and well-being of others.

It’s time to honor the needs of your own body, mind and spirit. 

Open to stillness, balance, self-care & community.


This group is exclusively for professionals in the healing and care-giving fields. Join us in this self-care group to gently explore yoga in a supportive community of peers. Combining breathing, mindfulness, movement, and meditation, Adriel McCluer facilitates the process of learning self-soothing, stress-management, and rejuvenation of personal resources. Develop new healthier habits in supporting yourself in your everyday life and in your work in the healing arts.  Beginners welcome. Limited class size.

Yoga on Horseback

Yoga means Union, most commonly referenced as union of body, breath and mind. When practicing yoga on horseback, this experience also deepens the union between rider and horse. With a subtle approach, this gentle practice involves breathwork (Pranayama) supporting the ability to reduce tension and anxiety, which benefits both rider and horse. Exploration of the rider’s energy (Prana or Qi) will bring awareness of what energy the rider brings to, and receives from, their horse. Physical postures (Asanas) are taught with special attention given to developing awareness of effort versus ease. This practice develops Mindfulness and somatic awareness.

Please call/email for location, times & to register for all classes

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